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Ask anyone at 80/20 what their
job is and you will likely hear
the reply: "Customer Service."
Look at anyone's business card
at 80/20, there are no titles. Everyone, top to bottom, knows
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that we are here to serve customers. We work as a team, yet individuals are empowered to work with a clear vision and purpose... whatever it takes to serve the needs of the customer. This attitude is the foundation for service and support that goes beyond expectations. 80/20 continues to raise the bar, challenging ourselves to perform at ever higher levels.
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We are the largest, best, fastest manufacturer
of Fractional and Metric T-Slotted aluminum
extrusion in the world! Aluminum extrusions
are rapidly becoming the preferred choice over
welded steel in machine framing and guarding.
80/20 is a leader in this industry, which is
growing at a rate of 40% per year.
80/20 is our
name and modular framing is our game. With
over 2000 components and the option of using
our Metric or Fractional line of T-Slotted
extrusions, we can meet almost any customer's

80/20 Inc.
Its all in the van!

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