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T-Slotted Aluminum
(24” x 24” x 18”) 20 lbs.
Welded Steel Frame
(24” x 24” x 18”) 33 lbs.
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What It Takes
What It Takes
1) Design time
2) Bill of materials
3) Purchase materials
4) Assemble frame per design
1) Design time
2) Bill of materials
3) Purchase materials
4) Cut to length
5) De-burr
6) Set up fixture
7) Weld
8) Grind welds
9) Clean weld splatter
10) Drill and tap for mounting accessories
11) Mask non-painted areas
12) Primer coat
13) Degrease
14) Paint
No welding - no fighting heat stress
--& warpage.
No priming or painting.
Lightweight & easy to machine.
Uses standard fractional or metric
Less engineering time required.
Easy to fabricate - only simple hand
--tools required.
T-Slot technology is industry
Great aesthetic value.
No expensive fabricating equipment
Machine frames can be easily
--reconfigured for changes.
Fabricated Equipment
--------------------- Band Saw
--------------------- Grinder
--------------------- Welder
--------------------- Paint Booth
--------------------- Mask
--------------------- Gloves
--------------------- Clamps
--------------------- Wire Brush
--------------------- Skilled Labor
Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials
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